Exhibition print work

I just created a poster and postcard design for a local art exhibition showcasing the work of my local ceramics group, and as the tutors name is Betty Jennings the exhibition is named after her classes: Tuesdays with Betty. When creating a poster/ postcard that illustrates the work created within a group of people its important to find a strong … Read More

Flyer for art show

I designed a printed flyer for an art show. The exhibition was for two artists, one working in ceramics and another a painter working on acrylics & oil canvases. 

Website for an art exhibition

I just created a website for a Joint art exhibition held by a ceramic artist and a painter. I created a simple site design and layout, (based on a WordPress template) which helped to display the artists work cleanly and simply, showcasing their work not the website itself. The site design needed to be balanced across both artist’s work, so … Read More

3D printing – bracket for an IKEA lamp

Once I had completed my drawing board, I needed a lamp for it,  an IKEA TERTIAL work lamp seemed a good option. The clamp base on the IKEA lamp is perfectly good for horizontal surfaces (like desk tops) but tends to rotate too much when clamped onto an angled drawing board. So, using 3D software we designed a modified clamp … Read More

Making a drawing board

It all started when I watched a film where a character spent most of their time perched at a large wooden drawing board immersed in sketches, and I thought “I’d like one of those”. After some internet trawling I realised that wooden boards for sale are thin on the ground, so I decided to design and make one for myself. … Read More

3D printing – stamp

I wanted to create a small plastic stamp that would leave a signature and date imprint on clay. Another of my interests is ceramics, see my online gallery HandmadeArt . I’ve always wanted to have a bespoke stamp to put on the base of my work, to give a professional touch. Usually potters write their initials and date on their … Read More

3D printing

As a designer I have always been interested in 3D design, be it interior, furniture or product design; and find the recent developments in 3D plastic printing very exciting. It is now possible to purchase and build a 3D printer for home use, giving you the ability to instantly prototype a design, refine it reprint and end up with an … Read More