3D printing – bracket for an IKEA lamp

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Once I had completed my drawing board, I needed a lamp for it,  an IKEA TERTIAL work lamp seemed a good option. The clamp base on the IKEA lamp is perfectly good for horizontal surfaces (like desk tops) but tends to rotate too much when clamped onto an angled drawing board. So, using 3D software we designed a modified clamp bracket that would allow the lamp to be fixed in both the horizontal and vertical planes, and then printed it out using white ABS plastic filament on a 3D printer.

The printed bracket has two component parts, a replacement for the original lamp base, and an additional swivel element.
The parts were printed out at 90% fill on the 3D printer, for strength.

The top element of the bracket has been designed with a recess to embed a tightening nut, and a channel for the matching bolt which can be tightened up with an Allen key.
For anyone wanting to print this bracket for their own use, visit Roger Clark’s website where you will be able to download the .stl files soon.

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