Watercolour Sunflower 11/03/2022

posted in: Online Classes

I drew and painted this sunflower for my free online watercolour painting lessons I ran back in March 2020, during our first pandemic lockdowns here in Melbourne Australia.

It seemed appropriate to revisit and share this image in the current times. Feel free to download this image, copy, share and enjoy – Royalty Free.

If you’d like to have a little bit of mindful colouring time, here is my original line drawing  image, you can also download this for free below.

As a guide, I used the following watercolour paint colours:

  • Warm yellows – Cadmium yellow or Gamboge yellow
  • Cool yellows – Lemon yellow or Hansa yellow
  • Browns – Sepia & Burnt Umber
  • Cool blues – Cobalt or Phthalo Blue
  • Warm grees – Sap Green or Olive Green

for extra inspiration, here is my own original sunflower photo reference from my garden ©Karen Smith

#sunflowers #peace