I’m a Melbourne based designer creating original handmade artworks & accessories, including watercolour and acrylic paintings, block prints and laser cut objects.

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Keeping it simple on my website

Images missing from my posts I recently noticed some of my older blog posts had display problems with images, and have just gone through all my web posts updating... Read More

Creating a simple pattern repeat

I recently created a simple watercolour painting of leaves filling a rectangular piece of paper, and instantly saw the opportunity to turn this into a pattern repeat. I painted... Read More

Art Along Camellia Flowers

This week we are going to sketch some pink camellia flowers. I spent a happy hour sketching these flowers in my garden, and enjoyed reflecting the loose floppy construction... Read More

Art Along Seagulls Part 1

This week we are going down to the beach (virtually of course!), and painting some seagulls, and their reflections in the water at low tide. Read More

Art Along Feathers

This week we will be using the classic shape and form of feathers to refresh ourselves on colour theory and wet in wet paint mixing techniques, whilst achieving a... Read More

Art-Along Roses 02/07/2020

This week we will be painting some creamy white roses, in a coloured glass vase on a wooden table with background textiles. It looks simple but is deceptively complicated... Read More