Using watercolour swatches

Swatching out a new set of watercolours is something we all enjoy, but making them a useful painting tool can be even more rewarding by creating colour mix swatches.… Read More

Watercolour Sunflower 11/03/2022

It seems appropriate to share this original sunflower painting and line drawing in the current times.… Read More

What’s on my Drawing Board 11 Oct 2021

This weeks drawing board has some colour swatches from a new watercolour paint travel set, some explorations in acrylic using dark backgrounds, and illustrations that I’m creating for a new project.… Read More

My watercolour palette for pink flowers

I do enjoy painting flowers in this colour range, including camellias, sweet peas, dahlias and thistles, and thought it may be interesting to go through the paint palette I have settled on over the years, specifically for painting pink flowers.… Read More

Making Gum Leaves From Silk Threads (updated post*)

* Note from Karen March 18, 2021This is an updated version of my original tutorial posted back in Feb 2019.I have just re written and updated this tutorial and uploaded onto the website – so thought I would update it here too, as I added a lot more info in the step by step processes. On a recent internet … Read More

Looe Harbour – the evolution of a watercolour painting

I recently completed this detailed ink pen and watercolour harbour scene of Looe, a small coastal fishing port in Cornwall, UK. To be specific this is a painting of West Looe as seen from East Looe. The coastal town of Looe is divided by a river, that runs down a deep sided valley . West Looe rises from the valley … Read More

What’s on my Drawing Board 29 Jan 2021

This weeks drawing board has the beginnings of a few new projects, a completed painting of Looe harbour, some sketchbook experiments and some new pencils and watercolour paints.… Read More

Keeping it simple on my website

Images missing from my posts I recently noticed some of my older blog posts had display problems with images, and have just gone through all my web posts updating entries where images had stopped displaying correctly. This makes me want to share my newfound conviction that the best way to manage a website is to keep things simple, and use … Read More

Creating a simple pattern repeat

I recently created a simple watercolour painting of leaves filling a rectangular piece of paper, and instantly saw the opportunity to turn this into a pattern repeat. I painted watercolour leaf springs freehand onto a 9″ x 12″ 200gsm cold pressed watercolour / multimedia pad by Winslow from Eckersleys in Australia, using Winsor and Newton paints Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, … Read More

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