What’s on my drawing board, January 09 2020

A sketchbook for every occasion, and a nearly finished painting.

This weeks drawing board is dominated by a drawing that’s been on the go for over a year, plus some experiments and design explorations in a variety of sketchbooks.… Read More

How to make a reusable fabric gift bag

Step by step guide – How to make a reusable fabric gift bag… Read More

Assembling my Australian bush animals plywood laser cut ornament

A self assembly plywood open box Each wood panel features a different animal – kangaroo, wombat, kookaburra and Koala, in eucalyptus trees. The 3mm thick plywood panels are backed with translucent paper to emphasize the outline designs. How to put the box together There are 5 components to the box, 4 rectangular panels with cut out designs and a square … Read More

Watercolour disk sets by Micador

Living in Australia we sometimes feel that we are ‘missing out’ when it comes to art supplies. But its worth making sure you check out all of the Australian brands before going offshore, Art Spectrum , Derivan including Matisse and Langridge are some of my favourite artist quality paint makers. Mont Marte cover the other end of the market and … Read More

Fabric mediums and relief printing inks

I have been doing some woodblock printing experiments on natural fabrics, using relief printing inks with the addition of a textile medium in varying strengths to make it stand the test of a gentle hand wash.

Laser cut woodblocks

Before I produce my woodblock prints, my creative process goes through many stages. I often begin with field sketches and photos, then develop my ideas through a series of drawings and watercolour sketches. These stages help me to get to know my subject matter really well, in particular shape and form which are important elements of my finished designs. I … Read More

Versatile Vectors

I’m planning to create a series of laser cut wood blocks that I can make multiple prints from. I’m basing my designs on a series of original watercolours I painted last year As I’ve said before I’m not done with my series of Jacobean patterns,  the strong floral designs are ideal for creating lino or wood print blocks that I … Read More

Painting on wooden panels

I’m planning to create a series of acrylic paintings on wood panels. I normally paint on canvas, but have been recently painting watercolours onto prepared wood frame panels and really enjoyed it, and thought I would now use acrylics. I’m not done with my series of Jacobean patterns,  I really like to explore a theme thoroughly, and constantly seem to … Read More

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