Creating a simple pattern repeat

I recently created a simple watercolour painting of leaves filling a rectangular piece of paper, and instantly saw the opportunity to turn this into a pattern repeat. I painted watercolour leaf springs freehand onto a 9″ x 12″ 200gsm cold pressed watercolour / multimedia pad by Winslow from Eckersleys in Australia, using Winsor and Newton paints Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, … Read More

Art Along Camellia Flowers

This week we are going to sketch some pink camellia flowers. I spent a happy hour sketching these flowers in my garden, and enjoyed reflecting the loose floppy construction of the flower in a loose sketch.… Read More

Art Along Seagulls Part 1

This week we are going down to the beach (virtually of course!), and painting some seagulls, and their reflections in the water at low tide.… Read More

Art Along Feathers

This week we will be using the classic shape and form of feathers to refresh ourselves on colour theory and wet in wet paint mixing techniques, whilst achieving a very popular illustrative effect.… Read More

Art-Along Roses 02/07/2020

This week we will be painting some creamy white roses, in a coloured glass vase on a wooden table with background textiles. It looks simple but is deceptively complicated and may run over two weeks!… Read More

What’s on my drawing board, June 26 2020

This weeks drawing board is filled with the paintings from my online course over the last 10 weeks. The art classes I was teaching at my local art group had to close down due to the virus, so I decided to move them online. … Read More

Art-Along Crooked Houses 25/06/2020

This week we will be having some fun with colour, using bright pigments to convey an illustrative style. I have created an street scene in a cartoon style where perspective, scale and colour are all distorted slightly to create an sense of altered reality where we can play with strong colours.… Read More

Art-Along Bath Houses 11/06/2020

This week we have a street scene where the building materials are the same, so the colours are the same, and to give a sense of depth we will use tonal values and colour saturation to give the painting some light and dark areas.… Read More

Art-Along Tonal Landscape 04/06/2020

This week we will be exploring tonal values and how they can help with creating depth and perspective in landscape painting.… Read More

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