My watercolour palette for pink flowers

I recently completed a large watercolour painting of a bouquet of pink Lisianthus flowers. I do enjoy painting flowers in this colour range, including camellias, sweet peas, dahlias and thistles, and thought it may be interesting to go through the paint palette I have settled on over the years, specifically for painting pink flowers. My Palette collection I have a … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, June 26 2020

This weeks drawing board is filled with the paintings from my online course over the last 10 weeks. The art classes I was teaching at my local art group had to close down due to the virus, so I decided to move them online.

What’s on my drawing board, January 09 2020

A sketchbook for every occasion, and a nearly finished painting.

This weeks drawing board is dominated by a drawing that’s been on the go for over a year, plus some experiments and design explorations in a variety of sketchbooks.

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