What’s on my drawing board, January 09 2020

A sketchbook for every occasion, and a nearly finished painting.

This weeks drawing board is dominated by a drawing that’s been on the go for over a year, plus some experiments and design explorations in a variety of sketchbooks.

What’s on my drawing board, Dec 16 2016

  Back to botanics Top row: Sketchbook with leaf patterns, birch tree designs, Flemish flower painting inspiration, Moroccan tile design examles in scrapbook.Middle row:  Pink chrysanthemum watercolour flower study, on cotton watercolour paper (with reference photos above). Pencil sketch of ivy leaves around a wooden post. Banksia, gum leaves and agapanthus watercolour studies.Bottom row: Holly wreath sketchbook design ideas. Banksai … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, Dec 5 2016

  Basically…. a lot of holly! Top row: Hand tinted purple coloured holly lino prints, sketch book – flowers in a china jug (from a photo), holly wreath Christmas card initial design, current sketchbook – digital holly pattern, random holly leaf watercolour sketches. Middle row:  Laser cut plywood holly decorations, in process of being decorated. Small holly leaf design watercolour … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, Nov 21 2016

  Top row: watercolour flowers, sketchbook with a study of wattle blossom and postcards of snowy Joseph Farquharson & Peter Graham paintings – images from my favourite Scottish highland painters to get me into a winter Christmas vibe in Australia. Middle row: current sketchbook with yellow colour mixing page open next to sketch development for a laser cut plywood wreath … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, Nov 14 2016

  Top row: sketchbook with quick study of passion fruit. Botanical line art preliminary sketches, lino print scrapbook.   Middle row: water colour doodles, & small chrysanthemum (prep work for larger design). Bottom row: childhood Christmas ornament sketches, orange & crimson watercolour splodge experiments. Print out of ivy photo from morning walk. Large flower sketch designs in watercolour & pencil – … Read More

Botanic pattern lino prints

I’ve  been developing a collection of surface pattern designs with a botanic theme. My process begins with watercolour sketches and observations in the field. From these sketches I create a set of patterns that would work well in a variety of mediums, including lino relief print. When considering designing for lino printing, I often find myself looking at the outlines … Read More

A return to Lino Cut Prints

I really enjoy the whole process of relief printing with lino tiles, from the initial design phase, through carving and onto the ‘final reveal’ stage when you peel the paper from the tile and see your printed design for the first time.I haven’t really done much printing since my art college days, so a recent return to the medium saw … Read More