Watercolour disk sets by Micador

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Living in Australia we sometimes feel that we are ‘missing out’ when it comes to art supplies. But its worth making sure you check out all of the Australian brands before going offshore, Art Spectrum , Derivan including Matisse and Langridge are some of my favourite artist quality paint makers. Mont Marte cover the other end of the market and … Read More

Making print books

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Saving test prints in a Japanese bound book I’ve recently been pulling a lot of test lino prints. Whilst OK, they are not good enough quality to sell or even give away, but still too pretty to chuck in the bin! So I decided to make small books from them. Making a book I collected all of my prints and … Read More

Sketch to woodcut in an hour

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I took a recent watercolour sketch and turned it into a wood block ready for printing within an hour.This was an exercise in using technology to retain creative spontaneity –  I usually use the computer to neaten and ‘vectorise’ my initial artwork, creating digital image files that I can use for pattern making, but in this case, I made a … Read More