What’s on my drawing board, Dec 5 2016

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Basically…. a lot of holly!

Top row: Hand tinted purple coloured holly lino prints, sketch book – flowers in a china jug (from a photo), holly wreath Christmas card initial design, current sketchbook – digital holly pattern, random holly leaf watercolour sketches.

Middle row:  Laser cut plywood holly decorations, in process of being decorated. Small holly leaf design watercolour Christmas cards. Windsor & Newton Cotman & Artist paints. Black lino print holly gift tags.

Bottom row: Laser cut plywood holly wreath in process of being coloured using Kuretake watercolour pens, (Non coloured version available to buy in my Etsy store). Large watercolour holly leaves on blue background (experimenting with paper format sizes). Sketch idea for fabric pattern, retro skiers, mountains and pine trees (too late for this Christmas!). Decorating one of my laser cut box tops with Holly design.  Exploring Holly wreath woodblock print Christmas card tinting options. Pink chrysanthemum (on hold) & Prima watercolours.


Karen Smith - what's on my drawing board this week? Dec 05 2016
Karen Smith – what’s on my drawing board this week? Dec 05 2016

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