What’s on my drawing board, Jan 09 2017

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Karen Smith - what's on my drawing board this week? Jan 09 2017

Sea to sky

Top row: Sketchbook with studies of houses (Looe, a coastal village - Cornwall, UK) for planned large pen and ink study. Set of Inktense pencils by Derwent (a Christmas present) and colour swatches in sketchbook; Inktense pencils can be activated with water to deposit vibrant ink colours onto the paper.
Middle row: Strip picture experiments, depicting sea to fields and sky in patterns on thin strips of paper. Right hand side of board -  sketchbook with quick pen & watercolour wash beach study, Melbourne Jan 06.
Bottom row: Another Sea to Sky strip study in A3 sketchbook. Centre board - transferring original houses scene to a stretched piece of watercolour paper, I intend to colour the work with the ink pencils. Small leaf patterns in acrylic paint, on 8" square boards, testing out some ideas for larger canvases, Prima watercolour paints.

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