What’s on my drawing board, Feb 07 2017


I’m mostly experimenting

Top row: Sketchbook with studies of houses for large pen and ink study currently under way. Cow parsley & daisy small watercolour experiments using household candles as a wax resist – it works surprisingly well – I just need to work out the sequence of masking items in the composition. Far top right – my small inspiration scrapbook open at a page with botanical tapestries.

Middle row: Watercolour of birch trees on Bristol board, I’m experimenting with layers of watercolour paint to build up a texture – this is only working because of the shiny nature of the Bristol board – the paint sits on top of the paper rather than sinking in as it does with watercolour papers. Test watercolour sketches for main pen & ink picture. Small painting of white California poppys with dark blue background, using watercolour paints + Inktense pencils. I eventually plan to turn this into a pattern repeat fabric design.

Bottom row: Kumihimo braiding disks I have designed and made from plywood on my laser cutter this week. (On sale at Etsy!) Sketchbook – colour sampling the Pantone colour of the year Greenery – (thanks to Angela Anderson’s Youtube channel for the mixture quantities) – 1 part white + 1 part Prussian Blue + 8 parts Cad Yellow Light. Far right my trusty Cotman watercolours by Winsor & Newton


Karen Smith - what's on my drawing board this week? Feb 07 2017
Karen Smith – what’s on my drawing board this week? Feb 07 2017

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