What’s on my drawing board, Feb 02 2018

Drawing Board Feb 02 2018 ©KarenSmith
Drawing Board Feb 02 2018 ©KarenSmith

Saltbush leaves and flowers

This weeks drawing board has a beach vibe and a few experiments

Top row: Sketch book with colour swatch samples from some new tubes of Winsor & Newton paints – Winsor Blue, Phthalo Turquoise, Indigo (my new favourite colour!), Paynes Grey & Burnt Sienna, plus a little sketch of an Agapanthus flower using Winsor & Newton watercolour marker pens. Leaf and vine designs. Tropical leaves sketch that I’m going to get some prints from. Right hand sketchbook – 20 minute watercolour sketch down at the beach using W&N pens again.

Middle row: Initial experiments on Yupo paper, I tried the pouring approach – where you just let colours mix together on the sheet, but now I think I will just try a normal painting approach and see how much the paint moves across the paper. Moleskin notebook that I’m slowly filling with colour swatches from my various watercolour paint sets. Abstract lemons. Colour print out reference photo for main watercolour, saltbush leaves, I took this down at the beach last week on a lovely sunny summers day.

Bottom row: Kuretake paints, sketchbook with colour schemes for main painting. Stretched 12″ x 12″ watercolour paper with salt bush painting underway. I’m using a variety of approaches,including layered glazes and negative space  techniques starting with a background wash then filling in the leaves with more layers to create deeper colours. 2 palettes filled with W&N tube paints and my W&N pan set.