Creating a watercolour painting

2 Hours  Hands on workshop  –  $75

No experience necessary.

Learn how to use and handle watercolour paint and create a piece of original artwork at the same time!

I take you through the process of creating a mosaic grid of beautiful jewel like colours in watercolour paint. I believe in learning as you go, rather than getting bound up in technicalities.  By following a few basic guidelines you will be able to apply paint to a surface and create a variety of mixed colour effects.

Everyone paints at a different rate, you may finish your painting during the workshop or want to take things slowly, there’s no rush this is a fun and mindful process. You get to take home your paint kit as part of the workshop – so there’s no pressure, you can carry on at home.

I provide a handout sheet to remind you of the simple techniques we will have covered No materials necessary, everything you need to create an artwork  will be provided at the workshop. Wear something comfortable that you don’t mind getting messy! This course is best suited to adults.

Watercolour paints are infinitely flexible, this workshop is a great introduction to their amazing properties.


Please contact me if you are interested in taking this class in Beaumaris  Melbourne.

  • What You’ll get to take home: Your very own original piece of art on a sheet of heavy watercolour paper. A brand new watercolour paint set and water-brush pen. Instruction printout
  • What you’ll be provided with: Clear guidance through the process to paint your own artwork. Any additional materials, including practice paper.
  • What you’ll learn: How to mix watercolour paints, brush handling and simple colour theory.
  • Who will be teaching? Karen Smith, an experienced professional designer and artist, and craft enthusiast who shares her enjoyment of the entire creative process from concept ideas, to finished pieces of handmade work.
  • Companion Workshop: Colouring in with watercolours