Kick start your projects

2 Hours  Hands on workshop  – $95

No experience necessary
Create a visual collage to inspire and bring clarity to your projects.

Learn how to create your own project mood board – a visual and tactile tool.  Learn how to take a step back from a project or idea, and identify the key influencing themes and moods that are your inspiration.This workshop will give you the guidelines and methodology you need to start the process.

Making a mood board helps give a project direction, and aids your decision making processes by establishing some creative themes. I see a mood board as something that is often a work in progress, and often the result of at least a few days work, not just a half an hour of cutting and pasting.

A mood board is a messy, enjoyable, immersive process, that evolves alongside your project.

Sometime the process can surprise you, and take you to places you may not have initially considered – this is one of the most exciting benefits of making a mood / inspiration board.  This course is best suited to adults.

You don’t have to have a specific idea in mind to learn the basics, but if you do have an idea you would like to explore, bring along a few reference items, they may fall into some of the following categories:

colour, atmosphere, sounds, textures, appearance,
scents, materials, feelings, memories


Please contact me if you are interested in taking this proposed class in Beaumaris  Melbourne.

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  • What You’ll get to take home: A pin board and a selection of inspirational materials for you to make a start on your very own mood board in the workshop.
  • What you’ll be provided with: Clear guidance through the process to make your own mood board. Any additional materials, including a pinboard.
  • What you’ll learn: How to create a useful tool that can kickstart any a project.
  • Who will be teaching? Karen Smith, an experienced professional designer and artist, and craft enthusiast who shares her enjoyment of the entire creative process from concept ideas, through to beautiful finished pieces of handmade work.
  • Companion Workshop: Mind Mapping