knitting in the winter

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Tote bag with knitting
Tote bag with knitting

On my morning walk today I felt the first chill of winter, so I came straight home and dug my bag of knitting out of the cupboard. I only knit in the winter, I think its something to do with creating cosiness, and also doing something creative in the dark evenings when I don’t have natural daylight to help me paint or draw.

I tend to buy yarn and wool when I see something I like, and then sort out what to make at a later date.

This time I bought a selection of colours in a linen yarn that were on sale for 50c in my local Spotlight store in Australia. When in doubt I always revert back to knitting squares that can be sewn together, or long skinny scarves.
The jewel like colours lent themselves to a square motif, and the stiff yarn means a nice chunky garter stitch works well. That just means using a knit stitch on every row.
I plan to make a feature of the sewn edges of each square, so needed a nice firm cast on row that didn’t look too lacy.

I used a cast on method my Mum taught me many years ago when she knitted aran wool jumpers. Its a method where you put the needle through the front and the back of the stitches as you cast on – it gives a lovely firm starter row.
I’ll explain how I do it in pictures below.

I will update this blog when I complete the project, at the moment I’m thinking of joining the squares up to make a throw – though I may not finish it until next winter !

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