What’s on my drawing board, May 03 2019

Karen Smith drawing board May 03 2019 ©KarenSmith
Karen Smith drawing board May 03 2019 ©KarenSmith

Variations on watercolour

This weeks drawing board has some watercolour paintings in different formats.

Top row drawing board: Notebooks –  Colour swatches from latest swivel pan watercolour set. Quick daisy sketch, tall tree study, focusing on tree bark, quick rhododendron sketch – prep work for picture in next row.

Middle row: Rhododendron watercolour painting, 8″ x 8″ wooden panel with watercolour ground applied to create a surface to paint on with watercolour paints, finished off with varnish, available in my shop. My photo of  a dahlia above is reference for the next picture – I’m planning a set of 4. Wattle flower blossom watercolour, ready for framing. (PArtly hidden sketchbook with ideas for a map that is part of on idea for an illustrated novel (see mind map for this project to the right).

Bottom row:Large sketchbook, paint colour swatches, and trying out new Daler Rowney FW white acrylic ink on top of watercolour paint. Sketchbook page with ideas for next set of paintings (torn top) . 9 watercolour circles, sometimes a painting just doesn’t work, I never throw them out completely – here I’ve punched out some circles – they can be used as gift tags,collage elements etc. Accordion notebook with practice map making marks for trees and mountains. Abstract shapes watercolour canvas and far right paint palettes (I use mostly Winsor & Newton and Artist Spectrum paints).