More watercolours on wood panels

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Characteristics of painting on a ground

In a previous post I explained the method I use for painting watercolours onto wood panels, using watercolour ground medium – a paint on coating that gives a semi absorbent white surface that can have watercolour applied to it. It gives a very different painting experience to that experienced with paper, the paint sits on top of the surface rather than soaking in, but with some patience and practice, some good results can be achieved.


The key benefits are a bright luminous finish, because the paint sits on top of the surface it doesn’t dull or dry lighter as with regular paper surfaces. A modern box frame watercolour can be a refreshing change to a framed painting behind glass, and a light application of varnish seals the work, making it moisture proof.


I found that a very dilute application of watercolour built up in a few layers seemed to give the best results. Heavy washes and applications of colour sit on top of the surface and pool, drying with hard edges.
I used a lightly loaded synthetic brush to apply even colour in small sections.

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