What’s on my drawing board, June29 2018

Drawing Board April 23 2018 ©KarenSmith
Drawing Board April 23 2018 ©KarenSmith

Sweet Peas

This weeks drawing board has some paintings near completion.

Top row: Banana leaves, with background washes, banana leaf studies (underneath). Leaf vine pattern designs on heavy cream card using ink pen and watercolour, I plan to scan this image digitally and create a repeat pattern. Two complete watercolours of sweet peas, I really enjoyed painting these, and plan to do more. Small sketchbooks, one showing camellia flowers. Below: Colour swatch book with gouache paints. For me, some flowers like camellias require a more opaque approach, I’ve just bought some Schmincke gouache paints, they have a really good introductory set with 3 cool primaries, 3 warm primaries and white & black. I’ve yet to paint a picture with them, but I like the way they mixed for my swatches.

Bottom row: Nearly complete hot house interior watercolour. Completed Australian coastal beach scene painting, and its just started companion piece, although time consuming I really enjoy painting the rocks on the beach, I approach it with a series of glazes light to dark, making sure to leave some pure white areas (not painted) where the sunlight hits them directly: each rock takes about 6 layers of glazing. Finally my v.inexpensive but totally practical plastic watercolour palettes.