What’s on my drawing board, August 03 2018

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Halfway there

This weeks drawing board has some watercolour paintings halfway through, plus my largest watercolour painting yet, on an easel.

On the easel: This is a large painting of sweet pea flowers, I’ve completed the background washes on this stretched sheet of paper and am now starting to paint in the flowers.

Top row drawing board: Tall skinny beach scene watercolour with background sea and sky washes. Painting of grasses, I’m trying a multiple glaze approach with this one, using a limited palette – so far just cad yellow, lemon yellow & phthalo blue. Small sketchbooks with flower studies.

Middle row: Gum leaves & banksia paintings halfway through – like the completed gum nuts picture on the bottom row I’m aiming for a heightened colour / pattern approach with this trio.  Square salt bush value study – this started out as a final piece, but I used some very old masking fluid for the white flowers and some leaves, and when I removed it it tore up the paper, rather than throwing it out (I was tempted!) I carried on and did a quick 15 minute value study for my next attempt at this painting – it was a really useful exercise.

Bottom row: Winsor & Newton paints, completed Gum Nut  painting ready to trim, competed tall skinny salt bush and beach  painting of Rickets Point, Melbourne, (ready for wrapping and putting up for sale on Etsy) and another beach scene under way.