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Large Fabric Face Mask


Large Dark Blue, Washable, Reusable, Fabric Face Mask.
Handmade by me in Melbourne, Australia.

A fitted face mask made from 3 layers of pre-washed 100% cotton jersey fabric, with adjustable elastic strap and removable nose wire.
Outer fabric is Dark Blue and the 2 inner fabrics are White, resulting in the triple layer face mask.
This is the larger size for men. I also have listings for Medium and Small masks, (women & teenagers).

Delivery Options:

By Australia Post, expect delays due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

1 mask



  • A curved, fitted fabric mask that fits snugly.
  • Outer fabric is dark blue cotton jersey fabric, and the inner fabric is white cotton jersey fabric (T Shirt material), these sandwich a third layer of the white jersey fabric, resulting in the triple layer face mask.
  • The two outer layers have stitching detail down the centre seam, this gives a flexible support down the front of the mask.
  • I have used ballpoint jersey sewing needles during construction, this type of needle pushes the knitted jersey cotton fibers apart during sewing rather than piercing them.
  • The top edge of the mask has two holes which allow for insertion/removal of the nose wire, which gives a snug fit around the top of the mask.
  • The removable nose wire is copper with an outer plastic sheath, and is sturdy.


  • Remove nose wire from mask prior to washing there are two holes in top seam that you can push the wire out.
  • I have hand washed and machine washed (max 40°C) my masks and they fared well, dry flat and run over with an iron if you need to, but don’t iron the elastic it may melt!


  • For flexibility I’ve attached 60cm / 24″ length of soft elastic to the mask tied in a loose knot that can be placed round the back of the head. Adjust to suit your head size
  • If you prefer ear loop style masks, undo the knot, leaving elastic threaded through sides of mask, cut the elastic in half and re knot 2 loops on either side of mask.
  • Approx measurements: 220mm wide 150mm tall.

Important Info

  • This mask doesn’t have a filter.
  • This mask isn’t a medical mask.