What’s on your mind? Working out an idea

2 Hours  Workshop  –  $95

No experience necessary.
A perfect tool for Creatives

Learn the principles of mind mapping – a visual process that can help you take the germ of an idea and organise it into a practical plan.  When you create a mind map diagram, a radiating structure is built up from your central concept or idea.
Lines, written words, and images are used to connect your core idea to other ideas, creating dynamic, visually stimulating and organised diagrams that literally map out what’s on your mind.

We will create your mind maps by directly drawing onto paper or a white board – I have found this is the best way to ensure that the connection between your brain and the diagram remains strong and vital, words are kept short, images are simple.

The process is fast, fun and illuminating!

Its a great way to visualise, capture and give structure to an idea. You can explore possibilities, consider alternatives and grow a basic idea into something tangible. Mind mapping helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of an idea in it’s early stages; great ideas flourish, and your enthusiasm for a workable idea will manifest itself in the diagram.

No materials necessary, everything you need to create a your own mind maps will be provided at the workshop. This course is best suited to adults.


Please contact me if you are interested in taking this proposed class in Beaumaris  Melbourne.

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  • What You’ll get to take home: A workbook and markers, handout notes detailing the demonstrated principles of mind mapping from the presentation
  • What you’ll be provided with: An interactive session with 'live' exploration of ideas, a clear demonstartion of the basic principles of mind mappng.
  • What you’ll learn: How to capture and crystalize ideas
  • Who will be teaching? Karen Smith, an experienced professional designer and artist, who shares her enjoyment of the entire creative process from concept designs through to completed projects.
  • Companion Workshop: Making a Mood Board https://www.karensmithdesigns.com/portfolio/workshop-mood-boards/