The ceramic tiles I create fall into a small group of categories, first came some standard exploration of patterns and glazes, then terracotta tiles with inscribed details, and then a series of inscribed and stained porcelain tiles . In my work I tend to explore some main decorative themes across a variety of media, a current favorite is fields, a long standing obsession is paisley patterns, and another – botanical silhouettes – these patterns can all be seen in the following wall tiles.

I also create a wide variety of ceramic objects, from quirky houses, to traditional bowls and pots to ornaments and key ring fobs.
They all have a common theme of surface pattern and texture, I often use cutaway techniques to create 3D effects in the surface of the clay, even punching right through the clay in some cases (especially effective for candle holders).

  • stained porcelain clay tiles: carved inscribed tiles, fired once, then wiped with underglaze stains, fired agian, and sometimes fired a third time with gloss glasenderglaze stains wiped over first firining
  • teracotta clay tiles: a self coloured clay ideal for organic work, twice fired for strength and 'garden proofing'
  • pots and bowls: porcelain and stoneware with a variety of glazes, slips & firing techniques
  • house series: small decorative porcelain houses, with metallic glazes