Painting on wooden panels

posted in: Artwork, Pattern Design
Artsketches on wood panel and sketchbook
Jacobean pattern in acrylic on board ©KarenSmith
I’m planning to create a series of acrylic paintings on wood panels. I normally paint on canvas, but have been recently painting watercolours onto prepared wood frame panels and really enjoyed it, and thought I would now use acrylics.

I’m not done with my series of Jacobean patterns,  I really like to explore a theme thoroughly, and constantly seem to discover new sources of original Jacobean tapestry inspiration in books and exhibitions.

My normal methodology is to develop a design theme in as many mediums and formats as possible, so far I’ve created watercolours, prints, carved stamp blocks, and now plan digital patterns, stencils and this foray into acrylics on smooth wood panels.

I have prepared the panel board (bought from Eckersley’s) with a few layers of white gesso, sanding in-between layers to create a smooth primed surface.  I have protected  the edges of the frame with low tack masking, and I have drawn out a design in pencil and plan to further develop the design as I go in acrylic paint, using my sketchbook full of Jacobean flower designs as inspiration.