Mini acrylic painting

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Little & Large:

I’m enjoying working on a mini acrylic canvas, using a favourite green colour mix of Payne’s Grey and cadmium yellow light.

I’m also working on a large version of this painting, it’s taking a while, so I thought a change of scale may help to revitalise things.

I’m using canvas sold for watercolour painting, it was on sale at my local art chain store – half price. No wonder, the surface actually repelled water – not ideal when trying to use a transparent wet medium!

I had a sneaky suspicion this may be the case when I bought the canvas (in fact I bought 4 as they were so well made), so I wasn’t too bothered, instead I painted on a coat of white gesso, gave the surface a sand with a very fine grit sandpaper, and am quite pleased with my ‘new’ acrylic canvas.