I’ve built a new Learning Website

I’ve just designed and built a new website that will be dedicated to my creative workshops and courses. I decided to move all of my learning activities to a space separate from my shop, blog and gallery pages on this main site.
They include in depth module based courses spanning a few weeks, hands on printing and painting day classes and easy to access 2 hour online sessions.

Degree qualified as a commercial interior designer, I have always used design practices and principles in my own work and teaching practices.

I have over 20 years experience specialising in design for multimedia including web site development, brief taking, project coordination and content writing. More recently in 2020, I began teaching general art and design classes, I’m passionate about passing on experience gained over my career.

During 2021, I continued teaching online. I tailored my classes to a new online environment, and understood that a calm mindful art session was what many craved. Each week I drew a downloadable line drawing, which my students painted along with me via zoom, where I demonstrated how to paint the subject matter. Each week I introduced a new art lesson element, such as colour theory, perspective or the importance of tonal values, I was able to review and comment on their work throughout the class.

I have now created a series of workshops and courses that use my design methodologies to aid the creative process.
Whilst some are best suited to physical workshops, I have made sure that all can be undertaken online.