Cropping paintings

Whilst testing a new circular hole punch, I remembered how effective cropping an image is, not just in Instagram but also in real life!

Watercolour Baubles

Painting onto baubles I recently picked up some Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground in Titanium White.Its a medium that you can paint on many surfaces, creating a paper like finish that a watercolour painting can be applied to. I Chose some plastic craft baubles (sold in Lincraft hobby stores in Australia), to paint a design on. I wanted to create a … Read More

Painting on laser engraved plywood

Watercolour painting on laser engraved plywood Laser engraving a design onto wood such as plywood, creates a wonderfully crisp image, but more importantly if you want to to add colour, it provides a ready made indented work surface, which helps to contain liquid paint colours to each separate element. Essentially its colouring in, on wood. Types of paint Water based … Read More

Lifting Leaves

Here’s a detail from my recent Palm House painting, showing the glossy leaves on a bush in the shadows.
After a number of attempts at painting this foreground foliage, I decided to use the lifting technique to ‘find’ the leaves in the shadows.

It’s good to sketch

Quick pen and wash sketches So good to get out and do some loose sketching of shoreline plants with my morning coffee at the beach. I used my new swivel paint palette, and its water pen, the colours are lovely and vibrant ideal for colour washes over ink work. I was also using a new Hahnemuehle sketchbook, which performed quite … Read More

42 Colour Fan/ Swivel Watercolor Paint Set

Portable Paint Palette Just got these bright happy watercolour paints in the morning post, approx $20AUD on eBay.I was attracted by the nifty swivel trays, but am very impressed with my first swatches, colours are bright, mix well and will hopefully be good for sketching flowers when I’m out and about. Vibrant colours Experimenting with a hand tinting one of … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, August 03 2018

Halfway there This weeks drawing board has some watercolour paintings halfway through, plus my largest watercolour painting yet, on an easel. On the easel: This is a large painting of sweet pea flowers, I’ve completed the background washes on this stretched sheet of paper and am now starting to paint in the flowers. Top row drawing board: Tall skinny beach … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, June29 2018

Sweet Peas This weeks drawing board has some paintings near completion. Top row: Banana leaves, with background washes, banana leaf studies (underneath). Leaf vine pattern designs on heavy cream card using ink pen and watercolour, I plan to scan this image digitally and create a repeat pattern. Two complete watercolours of sweet peas, I really enjoyed painting these, and plan … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, April 23 2018

Gum Leaves This weeks drawing board has a few ideas for a new series of gum leaf paintings. Top row: Sweet Peas – small sketchbook open at a page with a test piece for a large watercolour painting I’m planning of sweet peas. I’ve tried three approaches to the painting in my sketchbook (see below).Gum tree leaf colour swatches, freshly … Read More

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