What’s on my drawing board, Dec 5 2016

  Basically…. a lot of holly! Top row: Hand tinted purple coloured holly lino prints, sketch book – flowers in a china jug (from a photo), holly wreath Christmas card initial design, current sketchbook – digital holly pattern, random holly leaf watercolour sketches. Middle row:  Laser cut plywood holly decorations, in process of being decorated. Small holly leaf design watercolour … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, Nov 21 2016

  Top row: watercolour flowers, sketchbook with a study of wattle blossom and postcards of snowy Joseph Farquharson & Peter Graham paintings – images from my favourite Scottish highland painters to get me into a winter Christmas vibe in Australia. Middle row: current sketchbook with yellow colour mixing page open next to sketch development for a laser cut plywood wreath … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, Nov 14 2016

  Top row: sketchbook with quick study of passion fruit. Botanical line art preliminary sketches, lino print scrapbook.   Middle row: water colour doodles, & small chrysanthemum (prep work for larger design). Bottom row: childhood Christmas ornament sketches, orange & crimson watercolour splodge experiments. Print out of ivy photo from morning walk. Large flower sketch designs in watercolour & pencil – … Read More

What’s on my drawing board, Nov 7 2016

  Top row (left to right) my lino print scrapbook, botanical line art preliminary sketches, lino print inspiration scrapbook.Middle row: large flower doodles in coloured pencil, my watercolour paints (W&N), small sketchbook I take on walks.Bottom row: current sketchbook with daisy / flower ideas, & brief look at flamingos! Woodland line art scene. Save

How to assemble my press out laser cut boxes.

If you have bought one of my press out, self assembly  laser cut boxes, chances are you have followed this link for a detailed and illustrated tutorial on how to assemble your box. The boxes, in their component form are laser cut out onto 3mm thick plywood sheets, approx A4 in size, they have assembly instructions written onto the press … Read More

Laser Cut Wooden Pencil Box

I splashed out on some fancy art pencils recently, and designed a bespoke pencil box to keep them in. I made the box out of 3mm birch plywood using our laser cutter.Rather than buying something off the shelf, I wanted to make a lidded box that would be an exact fit for my pencils, so that when all 12 pencils … Read More

Gum Doodle tablet cover

I used one of my own fabric designs – Gum Doodle Teal, in a lightweight cotton fabric to make a simple tablet cover. I selected cotton wadding for the padding and white cotton fabric for the lining, then  I simply laid out the layers of fabric in order on a flat surface, placed the tablet on top, drew around it … Read More

Sketch to woodcut in an hour

I took a recent watercolour sketch and turned it into a wood block ready for printing within an hour.This was an exercise in using technology to retain creative spontaneity –  I usually use the computer to neaten and ‘vectorise’ my initial artwork, creating digital image files that I can use for pattern making, but in this case, I made a … Read More

Half drop pattern repeat design

I’ve added a new design to my Gum shadows range of fabrics. For this pattern I used a half drop pattern repeat. This is a really useful  pattern repeat technique if your initial design appears too regimented in a regular linear design repeat format. This particular design is based upon gum tree leaf silhouettes. I began the design process with … Read More

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