Gum Doodle Fabric Designs

Continuing with my botanic pattern designs, I have recently been designing some patterns specifically for printing on fabric. Designing for large scale printing: fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper etc. usually involves creating a pattern repeat. In this post I’ll detail the process I followed to turn my original field sketches of gum trees into an abstract print pattern series I call … Read More

Botanic pattern lino prints

I’ve  been developing a collection of surface pattern designs with a botanic theme. My process begins with watercolour sketches and observations in the field. From these sketches I create a set of patterns that would work well in a variety of mediums, including lino relief print. When considering designing for lino printing, I often find myself looking at the outlines … Read More

A return to Lino Cut Prints

I really enjoy the whole process of relief printing with lino tiles, from the initial design phase, through carving and onto the ‘final reveal’ stage when you peel the paper from the tile and see your printed design for the first time.I haven’t really done much printing since my art college days, so a recent return to the medium saw … Read More

Made-to-measure place mat tutorial

Some of my best project ideas come to me when I’m browsing though fabric stores. When I saw this striped material I wanted to make place mats, with a bright orange binding. I started by working out some measurements for the mats. I laid out my (small) dining table as though for guests, and measured just how big I could … Read More

Reverse appliqué

Reverse appliqué, is a method of layering fabrics and attaching them together, usually by sewing,  and then cutting away portions of the fabric to reveal a design. I have been creating 6″ square pieces, taking inspiration form Celtic knot work and art nouveau tile designs, and have now progressed to a larger wall hanging based upon a fields design motif … Read More

Exhibition print work

I just created a poster and postcard design for a local art exhibition showcasing the work of my local ceramics group, and as the tutors name is Betty Jennings the exhibition is named after her classes: Tuesdays with Betty. When creating a poster/ postcard that illustrates the work created within a group of people its important to find a strong … Read More

Tube Lining Paintings

Tube lining is a technique I’ve always enjoyed working with in my ceramics, and I thought I would have a go at transferring the principle to artwork. To tube line a tile or pot – a bead of wet clay is applied to the surface of the object forming enclosed spaces, this is fired and results in raised areas across … Read More

Flyer for art show

I designed a printed flyer for an art show. The exhibition was for two artists, one working in ceramics and another a painter working on acrylics & oil canvases. 

Website for an art exhibition

I just created a website for a Joint art exhibition held by a ceramic artist and a painter. I created a simple site design and layout, (based on a WordPress template) which helped to display the artists work cleanly and simply, showcasing their work not the website itself. The site design needed to be balanced across both artist’s work, so … Read More

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