Art-Along Paint a Pumpkin 07/05/2020

Hello all, here are the details for our online class this Thursday evening, 7th May.
This week we are painting pumpkins in a virtual still life class.

I will be demonstrating shadow techniques, dry brush techniques (for the wood grain on the table) and mixing pure paint pigments on the paper (charging).

This still life is of a pumpkin from my pantry which is waiting to be roasted and turned into soup!

I have photographed the pumpkin from above to make the most of its lovely markings. We will be using a limited colour palette this week to retain the harmonious natural colours of the skin.

Do check out the colour suggestions below – I change them every week to match the painting we are doing.

Pumpkin_3_KarenSmith ©KarenSmith

If you’d like to join in, you can download my original line drawing  image:

For our session you will need:
  • Your Pumpkin printout, ordinary copy paper is fine for this exercise.
  • A spare piece of paper to try out your paint mixes on before applying colour to your painting.
  • Watercolour paints: warm yellows, a warm blue, a yellow- green, a pale brown, a grey.
  • Watercolour brushes, (small – round 3 or 4)
  • 2 pots of clean water
  • Rag or kitchen roll (for wiping your brushes on)
Here are some of the watercolour paint name colours you may want to use.

Cadmium yellow – (C05 swivel paints)
Ultramarine Blue – (C34 or C36 swivel paints)
Sap green – (C25 swivel paints)
Yellow ochre – (C38 swivel paints)
Burnt Sienna (this is a warm brown we will use with Ultramarine blue to create interesting shadow tones) – (mix C17 & C33 swivel paints)
Paynes Grey – (mix C43 & C37 swivel paints)

Here’s some of the colour names you may want to use from the 36 Inktense pencil set:

Cadmium Yellow
Bright Blue and Deep Indigo
Leaf Green + Apple Green mix
willow + Deep Indigo + a little Violet (for the shadows)
Paynes Grey (or mix Charcoal + Deep Indigo)