What’s on my drawing board, March 02 2017

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Karen Smith - what's on my drawing board this week? March 2 2017

Its all a bit green.

Top row: Sketchbook with pen & ink studies of teasel flowers in silhouette and Gum shadows pattern variations. Watercolour green leaves pattern using water brush pens to gain a variegated effect from centre of painting outward. I did this by squeezing the water chamber in the pen as I painted each leaf, adding more water as I got closer to the edge of the paper. Small inspiration scrapbook open at a 'green' page.

Middle row: Packaging designs for my latest Etsy ornament sewing kit, featuring a yellow felt sun. First in a series of studies of tropical leaves, these are in preparation for a future work I have planned around the interior of a tropical Palm House. Small dark green watercolour leaves pattern using the same water pen brush technique. Sketch book - summer roses from the garden in a jam jar. Small gum leaves abstract pattern and Prima water colours.

Bottom row: Practising painting the white roses in a jam jar. I photocopied the pen & ink sketch in my sketchbook before I applied a wash. So I now have a ready made colouring in picture to practice on. Tall format pen and ink sketches of tropical leaves plus a "Strip" sketch of Umina Beach, Sydney. Far right my Cotman watercolours by Winsor & Newton

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