What’s on my drawing board, March 17 2017

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Karen Smith - what's on my drawing board this week? March 2 2017

Hot House Palms

Top row: Bird studies for new range of felt craft kits I'm developing to sell on Etsy. All based on birds I see on my morning walks, the pretty Terns are one of my favourites I see on the beach, and the raucously noisy Sulphur-crested Cockatoos gather below the trees at the end of my road.Two leaf studies for a new series of designs I want to develop around the ironwork architecture and glossy tropical plants I used to see in Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool, England as a child. Scrapbook with architecture illustration examples.

Middle row: My first Palm House sketch design (centre of board) in Ink pen. I used a Sharpie ultra fine point marker pen - I like the intensity of the black. I take a number of photo copies of the inked sketch before adding a watercolour wash,  so I can experiment.  Green leaf pattern experiments and cow parsley watercolour doodles. Prima water colour paints.

Bottom row: Watercolour tropical leaf studies, I've been trawling through all the tropical holiday photos I've taken over the years for inspiration. Luckily I've always been obsessed with botanical imagery - so have always taken photos of plants & flowers.  My first colour wash on the inked sketch using a limited palette - indigo background & sap green and winsor yellow. Some tropical palms from an old sketchbook, (Florida - 1992). Far right my Cotman watercolours by Winsor & Newton

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